User in Changes Report

After upgrading this wiki to the latest code, the changes report displays the user as:

PUUser [1234] name: 'jborden'
While this only affects logged-in users who view the changes, it is annoying.

When researching this, I found:

  • The message PRContext(Object)>>#magritteDescriptionBuilders is missing QCDescriptionBuilderContainer (from the Magritte-Model package). This is also missing in an older image
  • This area also involves some internal code: Pragma allNamed: #magritteBuilder from: PRContext to: Object - For working and non-working, this returns an empty array.
  • When I was looking into PRHistoryView>>buildReport in the debugger, inspecting self buildDescription raised an error for kernel sent to nil

One option that resolves the issue:

PUUser>>#printOn: aStream
	"Needed so the changes view displays without 'PUUser[1234..] name: admin'."

	aStream nextPutAll: self name

This seems like a better solution since there are many problems. One is Pier does not yet work on Pharo 9 (first issue is in Pillar). I also noticed problems running Exercism in the new version too (seems to work best on Pharo 8).

More information on the Pier changes feature can be found on Complete Task in List of Changes.

Posted by John Borden at 28 August 2021, 5:11 pm link