Committing Pier-Seaside in Iceberg

Working on the code for Pier Table of Contents, found that it can be resolved by defining:

PRTocRenderer>>start: anObject in: aComponent on: aRenderer
	self component: aComponent.
	self renderer: aRenderer.
	self start: aComponent owner

This is the same as version it its grandparent PRRenderer, except the start is sent anObject (aCompoent is the value:toc link). This code is loaded on this wiki (which is why the table-of-contents is displayed correctly from the main blog.

Committing the code to GitHub hasn't been as easy as expected. Steps taken:

  1. Using Pharo 7 and installing Pier (like Loading Pier 3.2 into Pharo 7), but using the NewDev branch instead of main:
    Working copy of Pier3
  2. Modify the code and use the git username as the author (not certain if this is required).
    Browser for adding method, Author identification
  3. From Iceberg, the Pier3 repository is green, indicating that it has changed. Open the packages to verify that pier-seaside is modified. Choose the option to commit the change.
    Commit on Pier3 branch NewDev
    It is also possible to commit in one step and push in a second, but that doesn't change the results of this.
  4. After clicking Commit, a status bar shows that it is committing and then pushing; however the comment is cleared out and it returns to the same screen:
    A comment for your commit.
    Reloading the code does not show that it was modified.
Found that renaming the package pier-seaside to Pier-Seaside resolved the problem, but it required adding another code change (like a class comment) to make it write-able from Iceberg.

Posted by John Borden at 2 January 2020, 3:39 am with tags Pier, Pharo link