Swimming tips for beginners.

Currently I am a competitive swimmer, working on helping others with technique and speed. I am doing this because I wish to be an experienced coach that impacts swimmers. So I would like to share some tips when swimming.

  1. Always stretch your body when streamlining, for when you stretch when doing streamline you can travel through water at a faster pace. Streamline is one of the fastest and crucial parts of your swim.
  2. Make sure when doing freestyle you finish your pull, or extend it. Sometimes others will try to rush through their pull and get it over with. This not only pulls less water, but can also use more energy. Most people believe this only applies to people who are taller, but it can also speed up anyone's freestyle race.
  3. During times when you are practicing you must try and go your fastest, especially when it doesn't give a pace. This can build endurance, this can help if you are doing a long set, or multiple laps/50's.

Thank you for reading this, and good luck at the pool!

Posted by Mallory Borden at 30 April 2023, 7:25 pm with tags Swim 1 comment link