Remove PierAdmin from Baseline

Recently I removed an old task from a PierToDo. I noticed it raised a walked-back from PRAdminRemoveCommand>>#doValidate. The problem was the message self pierAdminAnnouncer returned nil. I was able to reproduce the problem in a clean Pier image using a simple component:

  1. Create a component and choose the counter option
  2. Increment the counter (it needs some sort of data)
  3. Click remove and confirm. Error is the same PRAdmin remove problem

Removing the page that contains the component does not raise the error.

Another problem is that http://localhost:8080/piersetup does not open due to missing the TWBSTabWidget class.

A straight-forward way to resolve this is to remove Pier-Admin from the Pier baselines. It is part of the add-Ons baseline, and the extentions are in part of the core baseline.

Posted by John Borden at 21 March 2022, 2:17 am link