Displaying Variables in Pier

If one wants to list ksh variables in Pier (or any dollar-bracket text), then there can be issues if the line is not preformatted. This can be saved in an editor:

text \${bracket-text} other
text $\{bracket-text} other
text \$\{bracket-text} other

They are each displayed as:

text ${bracket-text} other

However if one removes the back-slashes and saves the text (but not as a line starting with an equal sign to make it preformatted) then it generates a walkback:

Seaside Walkback - PRSyntaxError Pillar does not support this tag
This is only a problem for users logged in and using Pier-Addons. If basic Pier is used (without loading the enhanced editor in PierAddons) the problem text causes it to display the editor with the error:

Contents: Invalid input given

For blog comments and other text fields, the enhanced editor isn't opened.

It seemed like fixing this could be resolved by catching the exception and adding a backslash before the dollar sign. This can be changed in PRWysiwygEditor>>#document, however it causes the same invalid input error, but at least it does not open a walkback. A long-term fix for this would likely be replacing the YUI editor.

Posted by John Borden at 10 April 2021, 3:28 pm link