Baseline Best Practices

With the Pharo project progressing as it has, it is necessary to load Pier on Pharo 9. This should also help to Retrieve HTTPS from Pharo.

A good introduction to baselines is on Github.

Pier work started with a separate baseline for core, add-ons, to-do, google, etc. This matched the setup on the previous code repository - Smalltalkhub. Problems would occur when loading the larger projects, the package dependencies are:
PierAddons -requires-> PierCore -requires-> Pillar
When everything cleanly loads, things work well. Recently Pillar loads with with dirty package (internal code is updated), so after loading PierCore, Pillar is attempted to reload when loading PierAddons. This causes the load time to drag on for an hour.

Another recent problem is that the tests would not load due to missing the core class PRObjectTest from the Pillar-Tests-Core package.

To bypass these problems, it was easier to create a large Pier baseline, which has labels for each of the possible parts - addons, todo, etc.

One way to test faster is create the BaselineOfPier class in the image and load it without writing to the repository.

Posted by John Borden at 23 August 2022, 1:44 am link