Pier has several options for surviving a crash. The main way to avoid losing data is accomplished by the Persistency. A example of checking the persistence for this wiki is Check Image Save. It can be updated with a component.

An example of using a persistency component in a test image:

  1. Create a link:
    Create a */Persistency* in this image
    Having a / creates this under the root page.
  2. After saving the page, click on the /Persistency link.
  3. Choose to create a PRComponent and click add:
    Pier - Persistency PRComponent
  4. From the list of components, choose PRPersistencySettings:
    Next click save.
  5. When logged in an admin user, click on the /Persistency link again to open:
    If the user is not an admin, then an informative message appears.
    • Options are:
      • History Persistency - This adds the possibility of viewing the history under changes.
      • Null Persistency - Changes & history are not kept.
      • Image Persistency - save the image based on a time, automatically cleans up backups. When this is used, each edit is stored immediately in the file transactions.txt (similar to how each do-it is stored in the changes file).