This package is a work-in-progress. The goal is to make a todo list where one can check off items. This can be installed with:

Metacello new
 repository: 'github://Pier-CMS/Pier3:main/repository';
 load: 'todo'.
Alternatives are WATodo, see An example WAToDo. Differences are items are not search-able.

After loading the code, be sure to add the libraries (since this depends on JQuery-UI to display the list). In the config, go to: General -> Libraries and choose the Configure button, add the libraries JQDeploymentLibrary & JQUiDeploymentLibrary.

If adding to an existing running Pier, it is best to first check that a given page has the options for the user to Add ToDo set (since it will be turned off by default for existing pages). Another option is to add it with code:

(PRPathLookup start: PRKernel instances anyOne root path: '/A Test Page') addChild: (PRToDo named: 'ToDo').

Due to the way PRToDo is setup, one must be logged in in order to add tasks (in the default image the permissions are setup to allow adding pages without being logged in, the default authentication is admin/pier).

PierToDo also supports adding Scheduled Tasks.