Todo Annotations

Previously, it seemed like a good idea to create a todo annotation similar to the note annotation, which looks like this:

This is a note annotation which starts with two at-signs, the word note, then this text.

This would make make it easy to add a task at the end of page:

@@todo Task that wasn’t finished when editing this page

Unfortunately, the CSS for this also affects tasks lists, like Todo, so it shows up with a bright yellow background.

Bright yellow todo background
Since using HTML works already, it seems like a better idea:

{{{html: <span class="TODO">This is a task that needs work</span>}}}

While working on this, I had issues with browsers caching the style sheet. One method that worked well was changing the port with each test - an example is on Loading Pier 3.2 into Pharo 7.

Posted by John Borden at 28 September 2020, 2:56 am link