Total Points: 8541
Tasks to be done before Mar-07
TitlePointsDue Date
Check Roof1Feb-18
Work With Kids on Starting a Business1Feb-23
Pay For MyBorden1Feb-23
Try Something New1Feb-24
Restore Strategy1Mar-02
Reconnect with Gratitude1Mar-04
Read Something with Which I Disagree1Mar-04
Improve Pier1Mar-04
Update my Brand1Mar-05
Create an Education Packet1Mar-05
Home Repairs1Mar-06
Clean Garage1Mar-06
Do something to Improve Yourself1Mar-06
Check myborden Certificate1Mar-07
Kettle Bell Swings1Mar-07
Work on Yard1Mar-07
Tasks to be done before Mar-17
TitlePointsDue Date
Body-weight Exercises1Mar-07
Move Notes to the Wiki1Mar-07
Get out of Bed1Mar-07 5:55 am
Surprise my Wife1Mar-08
Investigate Some AWS1Mar-09
Smalltalk Work1Mar-09
Replace Contacts1Mar-10
Clean out Fish Tank1Mar-11
Check Store Rewards1Mar-11
Check Basement1Mar-12
Dentist Appt1Mar-12 10:30 am
Frost Project1Mar-13
Update Wikipedia Pages1Mar-13
Research Some Roassal1Mar-13
Vaccine1Mar-15 2:00 pm
Replace Gaskets1Mar-16
Build a Garden Gnome Drone1Mar-16
Tasks to be done before Jun-21
TitlePointsDue Date
Check Retirement1Mar-25
Haircut1Mar-25 6:30 pm
Make Something In GNU Smalltalk1Mar-27
Give a Presentation1Mar-29
Car Maintenance1Apr-04
Replace Toothbrush Head1Apr-16
Mow the Lawn1Apr-18
Look into Summer Camps1Apr-24
Bring up Seasonal Clothes from Storage2Apr-25
Check Basement For Termites1May-03
Water Lawn1May-12
Doctor Appointment1May-20 9:20 am
Trim Shrubs1May-31
Vote in Election1Jun-02
Rebuild Grill1Jun-21
Tasks to be done after Jun-21
TitlePointsDue Date
Pickup Bale Covers1Jul-19
Parents Anniversary 1Aug-23
Renew Bike Project Membership1Oct-22
Check Healthcare1Nov-10
Finish the Canoe1Nov-12
Tighten Ceiling Fan Bolts1Nov-27
Winter Elfing1Dec-17
Invest in Bitcoin12022-Jan-01
Discuss Insurance12022-Jan-21
Completed tasks
TitlePointsDue Date
Meet with Ian Park About Retirement12017-Mar-03
Install Pharo on Linux12017-Nov-06
Automate Backup of Pier to Code12017-Nov-17
Update Automated Backup Task12017-Nov-18
Find Broken Links12018-Apr-07
Add a Scheduler Report12018-Apr-08
Update Overdue Repeating Tasks12018-Apr-09
Add a History Report12019-Jan-09
Check over Mindy's cycling shoes12019-Jul-19
Upgrade Wiki to Pharo 712019-Sep-19
Check on Amazon Kindle Trial12019-Sep-25
Wiki Health Check12019-Dec-04 4:59 am
Review Difficult Tasks12020-May-10
Use DigitalOcean Credits12020-May-16
Update Tasks for Rain12020-Aug-29
Eye Appointment12020-Nov-09 6:00 pm
Dentist12020-Nov-16 10:20 am
Adjust Thermostat12020-Nov-27 8:00 pm
Setup a family VPN12020-Dec-22