Left of Bang

Left of Bang - Prepare before the bad event, main website.

Condition of oneself (Cooper's color code):

  • white: unprepared
  • yellow: knowing there is danger, looking for a threat
  • orange: focus on specific threat, planning
  • red: lethal mode
  • black: high heart rate, tunnel vision - counterproductive

Part 2 mentions the Boyd decision cycle (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) - this is also key in Sutherland's scrum book. Later the book falls into the million years of evolution humans predators brought home dinner - from Sapiens it's more likely we were scavengers, not knuckle-dragging hunters.

Geographics (Chapter 6) covers Natural Lines of Drift - beeline, Worn paths, other topics:

  • Iconography - author uses "to buffalo" - an indication of the author's age?
  • Classify Graffiti: Mark territory, state beliefs, or threats
  • 6-15% of US have tattoos - in 2017 it was approximately 20%

Application of combat hunter - Part 5:

  1. picture the norm
  2. who or what does not fit - proxemics, kenesics, biometrics, iconography
  3. take action on three indicators

Identify leaders with MADE (Entourage, Adoration, Direction, Mimicry).

Attacks from Within - workplace violence.